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Re: [IPk] Oops

>You are probably right, Di.  I saw "Tender" and thought "Sof-Set"--"my bad,"
>as they say.  As far as I know, the sets are only marketed as "Silhoutte" in
>the US.  I may be mistaken about that too; if so, oh well!  Thanks for the

Tender (marketed by Disetronic) and Silhouette (marketed by MiniMed) are
identical products. They just have different printing on the packaging.
Look carefully on the packaging, and you'll see thay are made by Maersk
Medical in Denmark.

Even more bizarre is that the boxes of Tenders I get here in Germany
ordered by my chemist have Disetronic blazoned across the box, but have a
seal (to prove the box hasn't been opened) with the MiniMed logo on it :-)

MiniMed recently launched a new infusion set called the Quick-Set, which is
rather like their existing SofSet, except it detaches flush with the skin
and doesn't leave a 6 inch dangly bit and doesn't have a knobbly QR to dig
into you.

Pictures at



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