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Re: [IPk] Sunny holidays with a pump

>If you're using a MInimed pump, don't swim with it - it's not waterproof!
>If it's a Disetronic, then you can - in theory.

Despite the fact that Disetronic pumps were designed to be waterproof,
Disetronic in America recently announced a warning about their H-TRON and
H-TRONplus pumps.

You can read it here:


They write:

"A few pump wearers have reported experiencing hypoglycemic episodes (low
blood sugar) after swimming or bathing, and some sought medical care. They
also reported in such cases that their pump had apparently delivered more
insulin than was programmed. Analysis of the insulin pumps returned to us
revealed that water had entered the pumps. The source of the water entry
was determined to be cracks in the pump housing or other leaks where water
was able to get into the electronic compartment."

"we ask that you follow these new instructions to help assure safe use of
the pump with regard to contact with water:
* Avoid any contact of the insulin pump with water
* Change pump batteries (PowerPacks) only in a dry environment
* When changing a battery, check that the black "O" rings are correctly
installed and seat properly
* Read and follow the enclosed supplement to the Reference Manual and place
it with your Reference Manual"

The H-TRONplus is in the process of being replaced by the D-TRON - I've no
idea if this warning applies to the new D-TRON.


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