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Re: [IPk] Sunny holidays with a pump

On Sun, 22 Apr 2001, you wrote:
> Thanks Di
> I hadn't even thought about the sand aspect! I just thought that seeing as
> insulin is supposed to be stored in the fridge it might break down (the
> insulin, not the pump) in bright sunlight/high temperatures. Did you ever
> swim with yours? and if so, did it still work ok?
> Zoe

Hi Zoe
If you're using a MInimed pump, don't swim with it - it's not waterproof!
If it's a Disetronic, then you can - in theory.
I try and keep the pump out of direct sunlight so it doesn't get too hot.
I go through a reservoir (half full) about every 3-4 days, and I've not had a
problem with the insulin going off in that time. 
I take it off to swim - if i swim for about half an hour, then I don't do
anything special, just take it off and reattach it when I come out of the
water. if I swim for longer, I would take a bolus when i put it back on.
I'm going to Northern Cyprus in August and will spend a lot of time swimming
and sunbathing, so that will be a test. I worry more about the sand getting in
it as you know what sand's like - it gets everywhere! But I won't be on a beach
 this time.It might be an idea to take some kind of sealtight box to put the
pump in when you take it off to go swimming or whatever - to keep the sand out.
You could even stick one of those coolpack things in  if you were worried about
it the insulin getting hot.
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