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Re: [IPk] Re: sites

> Re sets:
> I have always been told that I should remove a set after 72 hours.  I usually
> get about 100 hrs., but past that I get the itchy red bump.  I use Silhouttes,
> which I prefer to Tenders.  The Silhouttes adhere to me better and I can see
> where the cannula goes in.  I also had my one mega-infection when using a
> Tender set.  Bad memories!

I thought a Silhouette was exactly  the same as a Tender (just made by a
different company). or do they use a different tape?
 > Re adjusting basals:
> Keeping a logbook of your bgs and bolus amounts may help you may see the more
> clearly patterns indicating your insulin needs.  The "rule of thumb" I was
> taught: if something (a low, a high) happens three days in a row at the same
> time, it's a trend and it's time to do something about it.
> I have overcome some psychological hurdles about to upping my basal rates and
> my scale for CHO.  (Incidentally, it's quite possible that changing your scale
> for correction boluses and taking 1 unit per a couple fewer grams of CHO than
> you do now--i.e., adjusting your 1 u per X mm/mol over Y mm/mol scale and your
> 1 u per X g CHO will be very effective. You may not really need to screw with
> your basals much--back to the paragraph I started....).  I realized that my
> psychological block had a lot to do with "you know, insulin makes you gain
> weight," which someone who meant well had said once.  I don't even remember
> who said it or when, but it rang in my mind and I worried about upping my
> insulin requirements.
> Well, now that I take an average of 45-50 units per day rather than the
> "limit" of 35 u/day that I'd tried to impose upon myself a few years ago (when
> my hormones were less active, when I ate a restricted diet, when I had a more
> regular schedule--when my life was hardly anything like it is now), I am in
> better shape!  Taking enough insulin and exercising regularly not only keep my
> bgs better, but I have a little "wiggle room" in my diet.  I know that if I
> didn't pay attention to my insulin needs (1 u per 12-13 g CHO) and I didn't
> exercise, a dessert would be bad news, but now I can savor it in moderation.
> Another psychological block: guilt!  When I was a relatively new pumper, I
> feared being "discovered" tampering with my insulin dosage.  I began taking
> insulin injections at age 12, when the refrain "never self-adjust your NPH!"
> resounded in all the diabetes literature I read.  What's a basal rate but a
> better substitute for intermediate-acting insulin?  When I started pump
> therapy at 14, I was also told that I should aim to have 1/2 of my insulin
> come from boluses each day and the other 1/2 from my basal rate.  That formula
> just doesn't seem to work for me.  It took me about 3 years to realize that if
> I have a 43-unit day, about 27 units will be basal, the rest will be bolus,
> and that is fine.
> [soapbox mode--directed at no one in particular--ON] Intensive therapy
> requires willingness to assume responsibility.  If my HbA1c is not great (as
> it was last fall), I am the one with some changes to make.  If my HbA1c goes
> down some within a couple of months, I get to celebrate the improvement.
> Intensive therapy requires the rhetorical question "if we blame others for our
> failures, do we credit them with our successes?"  Of course one can't do it
> alone, but there's a BIG difference between assuming the doctor knows best at
> all costs and knowing when to seek guidance so one can have better control.
> [soapbox mode OFF]
> Cheers,
> Melissa Ford
> IDDM 7 years; pumper 5 years
> M.A. student, Theology
> The University of the South
> Sewanee, Tenn.
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