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Re: [IPk] Re: sites

On Sun, 22 Apr 2001, you wrote:
> I've been following the discussion about alternative sites for infusion
> sets, which suddenly seems to be highly pertinent to me.
> Having been happily (or relatively happily - I still sometimes have a
> hard time inserting sets) for 2 and half years as a pump user, putting
> all sets on my abdomen, below the waist (somewhat restricted area due
> to rather extensive scars from abdominal surgery), alternating left and
> right.  Just recently, inserting new sets has become much more painful,
> sites have been lasting much shorter times, getting itchy after 2-3
> days whereas they used to last 6-7 days without significant discomfort,
> and when I remove the sets there are often nasty red bumps - look like
> irritation not infection.  Some of this may not be unconnected with a
> stressful phase of my life - some of it connected with where I live,
> but also deadlines at work, stroppy teenagers at home etc.
> Whatever the reasons, I think the time has come to try some other sites
> and give those areas a rest.
> Does anyone have experience of putting sets above the waist, making use
> of the fatty tissue I wish I didnt have covering the rib-cage?  can I
> expect comparable absorption and similar duration for sets in that
> area?  incidentally I am using Tenders.
Hi Nanette
I use Tenders too, and although I prefer the sites below the waist, I use the
area just below the ribcage but above the waist as well. I find they're a
little more trouble - not in terms of absorption, but in terms of hurting after
a couple of days and/or leaving scars. I find the area to the side less
painful - and there's more fat there. The main problem I have is with th eleft
side - I always wear the pump on the left (when I wear it on my belt or
waistband), and it can bang against the infusion set if that's on the left -
which doesn't hurt at the time, but it makes the site last less long. I've
tried wearing the pump on the right, but it just feels awkward there for some

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