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Re: [IPk] Tapes and Tools

>Would it be a good idea to put the names of the  most popular tapes on the
>pumpers website, also gunk removers and disinfectant wipes

Hilary - that's a great idea. Thanks. Probably best if we add it to the
infusion sets page.

Please send suggestions here to the list, or write to me privately at
email @ redacted What I put on the site will be anonymous - no one
mentioned by name.

Tapes, disinfectants, skin preparations and cleaning solutions...

Ideally we need to know the product name, manufacturer, where you buy it,
what it costs, whether you get it on prescription from your GP or diabetes
clinic. And of course why you like it - or what you've tried and didn't

I sometimes use Medi-Swab H (chlorhexidine wipe) to disinfect a site - but
in all honesty I've noted no benefit in using it. Made by Smith+Nephew or
Seton. Not sure, but it was about 2 GBP for a box of 100, bought over the
counter at the chemist. They didn't stock it, but had to order it for me.

I've also tried bog standard iodine solution, bought OTC at the chemist,
wiped on and off with a makeup-remover pad - but again, noticed no benefit.

Cleaning up, I just use hot water when I'm next in the bath.

I don't use any tapes - Tenders stick to me very firmly, but come off by
peeling up and then pulling.

I used to use Skin-Prep (Smith+Nephew, from the chemist, on prescription
from my GP) to protect the skin when I got skin irritation from SofSet
tapes. Wipe it on and let the solvent evaporate, leaving a fine protective
film. But I don't need it anymore.


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