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[IPk] Removing gunk

>Re "Some find baby oil or olive oil removes the leftover gunk very

>I assume you mean the gunk left after using the adhesive products for the
>pump (I note evidence of such on some of the pictures of pump placements at
>the web site!).

Yes - that is what I meant :-)

I use Tenders/Silhouettes, without any other tapes or adhesives. When I
take it off (Pat - I just lift up an edge and do a 1-2-3-tug...) there is
usually a small amount of slightly tacky glue left around the edge. If you
like to clean up straight away, that's great  - use oils or alcohol swabs -
but in practice I just leave it there till I'm next in the shower. After a
minute of hot water, it becomes very soft and I rub it off with my thumb.

>A product that works is "Zoff" - Smith+Nephew.

I'd not heard of that. Is it an alcohol or isopropyl based swab or something?


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