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[IPk] Pat's pump start

I meant to reply to Pat before but never got round to it.

Just wanted to say that I hope you're not getting disheartened about your
difficult pump start. Some people find things improve from the first day,
others (like myself) find it takes weeks/months to get basal rates right and
figure things out. Of course, you've now realised this I'm sure, but it really
is a good idea to stick to your normal routine when you start out. I do quite a
lot of travelling and going to conferences etc. for my job, and even with a
pump, it's the one thing guaranteed to throw my control. Unpredictable
scschedules and eating out can be difficult enough to manage when you know what
you're doing, let alone when you don't! By unprdictable schedules I don' tju
st mean eating at odd times (which shouldn't matter on the pump) but not being
able to predict e.g. how much exercise you'll have when (e.g. I normally walk
tot work after breakfast - 20 mins walk - which affects my breakfast bolus and
basal rates). I now have a "conference basal profile" which means I increase
my daytime basal rate when I'm at a conference, because I know I'll be sitting
around most of the day, and I need a higher basal for that!! And if I'm not
able to exercise for several days, I have to increase my basal rate right
around the clock. Took me a long time to figure all that out!

Of course, it's never easy to find a perfect time to begin pumping though!
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