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RE: [IPk] Re: Needles for Free WAS Sharps bins

> I have never worried about getting broken into and having syringes stolen, 
> but mine are kept high up in my cupboard, where they probably wounldn't 
> think to look for syringes!
> Ingrid

Actually that's probably where they would look!
I was burgled several times in Manchester.
One time our neighbours saw them through the window, and they said the first
thing the burglars did was was search the bathroom (apparently where most
people keep their drugs). I kept all my stuff in my bedroom so it didn't get
touched that time (they didn't make it as far as my room).
 The second time, they trashed my bedroom, including pulling out my sleeping
bag from the very top cupboard and unravelling it all (obviously another place
people hide drugs). it never occurred to me that they might steal my syringes
etc, so I never thought to check if any had been stolen. I didn't notice any
missing but they might well have taken them for all I know.

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