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Re: [IPk] Sharps bins

> Blood testing strips: these are tricky. We get through so many of them and
> the modern electric ones leave blood everywhere which may stay wet for
> several hours. With a naturally inquisitive baby in the house, I didn't
> want him eating (yes, they do!) recently used test strips. My Canadian
> friend gave me the answer: a TicTac container - those little sweets where
> you flick up the lid in the corner. It's small, flat and lives with my
> testing kit. Once a fortnight I empty that into the sharps bin.

For a while I did a similar thing -  I used an empty film container.
But it actually made me feel sick looking at all those used strips with dried
blood on every time I opened the pot, so I stopped doing it after a bit, and
just throw them in the bin. Looing at one is OK, but seeing all of them
there together was a bit gruesome. But I live on my own, so no chance of anyone
else getting their hands on them by mistake if I just throw them in the bin.
if I'm out and about, I wrap it in a bit of tissue if there's no bin handy, and
take it home.
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