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Re: [IPk] Running and bgs's

> Suddenly I don't have to exercise: I just go to work. Go shopping. Go to
> the cinema. Whatever.
> Maybe we're lucky that we have this opportunity, but people do tend to
> design their lives (where they live, work, shop etc) around having a car,
> and then complain that they can't survive without a car. Hmmm!!! And the
> Western world suffers epidemics of obesity and Type 2 diabetes.

I'm in a similar situation except I can't cycle either any more. But I'm lucky to live somewhere where I can walk almost everywhere I
need to go, and if not, there's a bus. I walk about 4 miles a day just going
to work and wherever I else I go. I supplement this with the gym 2-3 times a
week, and dance classes 3 days a week, but I try not to exercise in the
morning, for the same reason. Every Saturday I have a dance practice from 10am
till 12.30pm and it ALWAYS screws up my BGs no matter what I do. I also find
that different types of exercise have *completely* different effects on my BG
levels. After the gym I usually need to take a bolus of about 1 unit, even if
my BG is only 4.5. After dancing I don't (except in the mornings).
P.S. Melissa - we have both raisins and sultanas (and currants) here (and they
are completely different! Sultanas are big and pale brown and soft, raisins are
medium sized and dark brown and a bit firmer, currants are small and hard and
black! Now you know!!!!
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