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Re: [IPk] Running and bgs's

Exercise: hate it. But love being fit.

Solution: We got rid of the car. 3 years ago. And moved to small compact
city where everything is within 15 minutes cycle. 2 bikes: my small folding
Brompton folds into nothing, goes in a bag and travels free on buses,
trains, planes etc. And my wife has a large town bike with a child trailor
(big enough for 2 kids it has been noted :-) And you can easily put a
week's shopping in a high quality trailor (we have a Winther Dolphin). And
almost anything that will go in the boot of a small car will go on a bike
trailor. For bigger items we hire a car by the hour as necessary.

Suddenly I don't have to exercise: I just go to work. Go shopping. Go to
the cinema. Whatever.

Maybe we're lucky that we have this opportunity, but people do tend to
design their lives (where they live, work, shop etc) around having a car,
and then complain that they can't survive without a car. Hmmm!!! And the
Western world suffers epidemics of obesity and Type 2 diabetes.

Morning bgs: hormonally a very complex time of day. The body going from
horizontal to vertical. Sleeping to waking. Fasting to eating. Adding the
stress of intense exercise is something I avoid if possible.

>You people call them sultanas.  Give me a break: I am going back and forth
>between this e-mail and a tool that converts mg/dl--how I measure my bgs--to
>mmol/L [http://people.ne.mediaone.net/dclc/convert.htm])

Or http://www.insulin-pumpers.org.uk/bgconverter


But I think you are doing very well Melissa!


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