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Re: [IPk] Sharps bins

>This may be an irrelevant suggestion as I really can't remember how many
>different ways coffee is packaged in the UK, but I used to use a steel coffee
>can (labeled all over with hand-written "warnings" a la "Don't put your hand
>in here!  This is not coffee.") with a plastic lid as a sharps container.  I'd
>take it to my doctor's office when it got full and the nurse would empty it
>into the doctor's big sharps bin.  No worries about sticking myself or anyone
>else, and no hassle about whether I was allowed to have a sharps container or
>where to store it.  I hope the suggestion is not in truth useless.

Like you Melissa, I've always handed in used needles and blood products
(test strips etc) at my doctor's surgery. They dispose of them by
incineration (burning). Perhaps I'm ultracautious, but used needles do not
in my opinion belong in the council's rubbish dump - even if inside a
plastic bottle. The bottle will get crushed and there will be needles

What do I do? I have a BD Safe-Clip needle clipper for clipping the needle
off a normal insulin syringe. At this point the syringe can be disposed of
as normal household waste. Likewise I clip and chuck out lancets.

The big needles that come on MiniMed pump cartridges cannot be clipped - I
tried and broke the clipper in the process. I put those in a sharps bin
that I got on prescription. Can a diabetes clinic not prescribe a sharps
bin? Pat, I don't know what the council are offering for 40 quid a pair. At
the very least, your chemist would sell you one for a pound a go.

SofSet insertion needles: nasty. They are self-righting, with the needle
pointing upwards. You leave one on the bed and then sit on it. Ouch! Too
long for the needle clipper. Into the sharps bin.

The Tender/Silhouette needles I dump straight in the sharps bin, although
they have been known to lurk dangerously in the back pocket of my brief
case for a while.

Blood testing strips: these are tricky. We get through so many of them and
the modern electric ones leave blood everywhere which may stay wet for
several hours. With a naturally inquisitive baby in the house, I didn't
want him eating (yes, they do!) recently used test strips. My Canadian
friend gave me the answer: a TicTac container - those little sweets where
you flick up the lid in the corner. It's small, flat and lives with my
testing kit. Once a fortnight I empty that into the sharps bin.

Anyhow, that's enough wittering from me.

Oh, one other thought: illegal drug users. They have been known to go
through the bins of people with diabetes in the hope of finding needles and
syringes. Clipping or delivering direct to your doctor's surgery removes
the opportunity.


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