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RE: [IPk] Re: Needles for Free WAS Sharps bins

>Did you know that in Australia drug users can get needles for free, but
DMers have to pay for theirs?

How's that?

That's bizarre, Ingrid. I don't know anything about the Aussie health
services, but I wonder if free needles for drug users is a crime reduction
policy rather than a health policy?

And while we're on the topic of free syringes for drug users, one of my
constant underlying concerns since diagnosis has been that if my home was
broken into and they found packets of syringes they would come back
regularly to get a supply. Well, we were broken into last month, and I
mentioned to the garda that they hadn't taken any syringes (I have lots of
them because the chemist gave me syringes instead of micropore tape once!)
He said that there wasn't any worry of them doing that because they all get
their needles free at the exchange. I don't think he was just trying to calm
my fears.

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