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[IPk] Sharps bins

Dear All,

Among the many delights of the pump, including gratifying my desire for
an expresso with sugar in at the end of a meal, and being able to choose
as I went along in a Chinese meal what dishes I would sample, and how
much, and then decide to stop eating, and then deciding to have a bit
more ... there is the problem that the insertion sets have long needles
in them.  

Unlike syringes and pen needles (and the needles on the syringy bits of
pump kits), the inserter needles don't have sheathes, so I'm unwilling
to dispose of them as I do the other kinds (and lancets) - that is, to
put them in a pop bottle which I put out in the black sack for normal
rubbish collection.  

So I rang up our local council, and said, could I have a sharps bin?
They took some time to get back to me, during which time I discovered
that empty one-touch test strip canisters are a suitable size for
putting inserter needles in.

Yesterday the borough council phoned back and said 'yes, I could have
two sharps bins a year - or more if needed, and the cost would be #38.50
for two)'.

This isn't prohibitive for me (goodness, with West Surrey buying the
pump and paying for all the supplies, and my gp happy to up my test
strips from 150 to 500 a month, I really don't want to gripe at under
#40 a year). BUT I'd rather spend #40 on books, so ...
a) is the test strip canister (taped down) a good enough disposal
b) has anyone else paying for sharps disposals (and how much?).

Best wishes to all

Pat Reynolds
email @ redacted
   "It might look a bit messy now, but just you come back in 500 years time" 
   (T. Pratchett)
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