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Re: [IPk] Cases

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In message <email @ redacted>, Paul Nestor
<email @ redacted> writes
 >I would like to
 >surprise her with buying a few accessories but where and what are my
 >options as she only has one case for the pump.

MiniMed offers a catalogue of accessories such as neoprene sport cases, 
leather cases, pouches that clip to a bra, and a case that's supposed to be 
water-tight and impact-resistant (for use at the beach, etc.--I'm not sure 
I'd play water polo with it).  Visit www.minimedstore.com to check out the 
selection.  I highly recommend the thigh pouch!  I think it would make a 
good gift.  I had one for a couple of years and when it wore out I just 
didn't bother to replace it (having the audio bolus option on my pump means 
I can dial up insulin without having to hold the pump in my hand.  I can get 
at it through my dress if it's clipped to the waistband of my tights.).

Melissa Ford
IDDM 7 years; pumper 5 years

email @ redacted

M.A. student, Theology
The University of the South
Sewanee, Tenn.
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