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Re: [IPk] On the pump at last!

Thanks to John Neale for the link to the photos of strange places where people
put their infusion sets!  Having been on the pump for five years, I can say
that my stomach (broadly defined--anywhere from 1.5 inches from my navel to
1.5 inches from my hip-bones on either side) has worked just fine.  I cannot
imagine putting a set in my leg or (heaven forbid!) my breast.  The former
would not work for me as I wear bike shorts when I excercise and the set would
probably want to come out, and the latter would just plain not work for me.
Re using just my abdomen for...I ALWAYS alternate sides: a set on the left
side for a few days; the new one on the right, etc.  That helps a lot, esp. if
I'm not infected but the area around the previous site has gotten a little
tender.  My "rule" is that if I can't feel the needle going in at all (which
means I've hit dense, poor insulin-absorbing scar tissue), or if the pain
makes me want to howl (which means the site is likely to hurt when the set's
in), I need to find a new site and reattempt.  Something I learned while
taking shots: if you're sensitive to the pain of injection/needle insertion,
it may help to choose a site, pinch up, and hold on pretty tight for about 30
seconds before going for it.  The discomfort of the pinch can sort of
"distract" your nerve endings/pain receptors (something like that) and dull
the feeling of the needle.

Melissa Ford
IDDM 7 years; pumper 5 years

M.A. student, Theology
The University of the South
Sewanee, Tenn.
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