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Re: [IPk] my old pump and the dodgy reservoirs

The Minimed pumps do not need regular servicing, and in fact all you can do
is clean them and check that the flow rate and occlusion alarms are within
normal range. However some hospitals seem to require this to be done
regularly, and it is certainly something that they are capable of doing (Job
creation ? if I want to be cynical). I don't know how they can do this in
one hour though. As I like to be really sure I would normally do a flow test
over a 24 hour period, so you would expect a pump sent back to us to take
three or four days.

Some people do like the reassurance of a regular check-up and we would
normally do this free of charge. If any one requires this, it would
certainly be a good idea as the pump comes up to the end of it's 4 year
warranty, so you can be sure we find any potential problems while within the
warranty period (We will arrange a loan pump while we have yours). But
equally many people just let their pumps run for years without any

In the rare event of an actual breakdown then the pump usually needs to be
returned to the US for complete servicing.

I hope this answers the question

Best regards

Ray Morrissey

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Subject: [IPk] my old pump and the dodgy reservoirs

> Well I finally handed in my old 506 pump to the clinic today, as i got a
> from them asking for it.
> I told them I wasn't too happy about the fact that they were only
*loaning* me
> the 508, but i was *giving* them my 506 (which belongs to me personally).
> would have let them have it anyway, but it was the fact that they were
> demanding it. Anyway, I was told that the only reason the new pump was on
> instead of being given to me was that it meant the hospital would have it
> serviced once a year for me if it belonged to them. And that if I were to
> Sheffield, for example, they wouldn't take the pump away from me (still
> sure I believe that, but still....) So I feel better about it now. They
> said that the pump servicing would only take about an hour, so it wouldn't
> I was pumpless. I don't understand that - I thought the pum phad to be
sent off
> to Minimed for servicing. Are they just talking about someone inthe
> looking at it and checking it still works? If so, that seems like a waste
> time! Pete/Ray, perhaps you know something about this?
> I also complained about the reservoirs they had given me which were 3
years out
> of date. At first the nurse just told me I was WRONG and they weren't out
> date. I argued with her for a while before she said that AMT must have
sent her
> out of date reservoirs because they were a new batch. I don't believe that
> a minute - I bet they were a box sitting at the back of the cupboard. FOr
> start, the box had been opened. Of course, she wasn't going to admit
> responsibility - though she said she'd go and check the other boxes....
> Do you think I should write a letter of complaint to the hospital about
> Di
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