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[IPk] Running and bgs's

I usually exercise (cross-trainer, bike, stepper) for 30 mins in the morning
before breakfast.  This (since I have been on the pump) has always reduced
my bg and it has stayed fairly low, with low boluses required, throughout
the day.  However, I have now started to train for a sponsored run and am
running 10 minutes (it is as much as I can manage at present!) and my bg is
acting strangely - it is not coming down much (~0.5m/mol) as a result of the
exercise, and then it is going up by about 5m/mol's during the morning.  

I think it is because when I run I am exercising at a higher intensity - has
anyone else had this problem and if so, what did they do?

I was wondering about delivering a larger square or dual wave bolus through
the morning - though really I would rather not?  Or should I have a higher
basal rate when exercising?  My starting bg is usually somewhere between 6.5
and 8 m/mol.

Any ideas gratefully received.

Audrey Sheal
IDDM 20 years+, Minimed 508 pumper 6 months+

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