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Re: [IPk] On the pump at last!

Hi Paul -

I'm glad to hear about Emily and her pump...

The stomach is generally considered the best place to put the infusion set
- not entirely sure why, but I think the insulin is absorbed faster and
more regularly. But some people use other areas as well. If you go to


and scroll down the page, you'll see a picture taken from Disetronic which
shows "recommended", "acceptable" and "not acceptable" areas.

I notice that the buttocks are in the "not acceptable" area - and that ties
in with people's stories here of very irregular absorbtion from that area.
But as with so many things, try things out cautiously and see what works
for you. We're all different.

I personally only use the stomach area - right down into the groin, up onto
my lower rib cage and right round the back as far as I can reach - much
like on the picture.

On the web page you'll see lots of photos from members of our US group.
This shows what is possible, but not necessarily what is recommended.


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