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[IPk] On the pump at last!

Hello there its been a long while.My name is Paul Nestor,i joined about 6
months ago .My girlfriend is a diabieic and at that time you gave me the
info and everything i needed to present the idea to Emily.Since i've been
studying in ireland,travelling with emily in spain and now in france
while she is studying i find it very hard to find time to email or do
anything.I have been keeping track though and am very proud to be part of
your group, we we are also in other groups for diebieties as
well,fighting for the rights of diabietics .Thank you so much for your
courage,insight and perserverence.After all of what you gave ous Emily
finally decided to go on the pump .What worries me is the way she is been
thought to use the pump,its the new 508.The nurse never answers Emily
straight when asking a diret question as to say 'well if i am doing
something wrong what do i do to correct it'the answer is usually vague
and disheartining,but after all of what we've learned from all of you we
have come to expect this.Its always the diabietic and not the diabieties
in the eyes of most (not all) non diabietics. The nurse said you can only
use the stomach as the insertion point,is this normal?I would like to
surprise her with buying a few accessories but where and what are my
options as she only has one case for the pump.I am reily excited for her
and for ous yet i know that their are alot out their who have to fight
alot harder odds to get their pump.If you have any Q's or if their is
anything that we may be able to do to help in any way,just ask.Keep up
the good work.

And i love that saying "it may look messy now but look back in a hundred
years" i keep on reading on the mails i get.

Yours Sincerely,

Paul Nestor & Emily Renvoise.


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