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[IPk] Sunny holidays with a pump

Dear All

Just back from a sunny holiday with a pump and I noticed several key
differences about life on a pump while I was away.

*	My eating patterns were erratic, and my exercise was absolutely
minimal - insulin usage was higher with a plethora of boluses at odd times,
but control remained spot on.  Some days I did not eat until 2pm and
finished dinner at midnight - with some breaks in between!  But even this
did not throw things out.
*	Nobody else notices your pump as much as you think they do - even
when you aren't wrapped up for Scottish weather.
*	Often in very hot temperatures I have experienced weird fluctuations
in my bg - not this time - which I am sure made the whole holiday more
*	On the way home, I had a nasty bug and collapsed in Gatwick airport
- violently ill for a couple of hours, taken to hospital (amazingly no-one
tested my bg or came near me for 3 hours, even though it was a quiet day!) -
and my bg remained between 4.5m/mol and 6m/mol - even though I was doing the
being sick, drinking some lucozade, balancing act.  Previously an episode
like this would have sent my bg's wild, and they would have become part of
the problem!
*	And for any women out there who don't know what to wear for
sunbathing with a pump - and don't feel up to a bikini!  Those tankini, long
top bikinis are fab - site is easily accessible - and it sure beats trying
to manoeuvre up or down a swimming costume to disconnect!!!

Anyway, hope these thoughts are of use to someone.  Must say, I missed
reading the digest!

Audrey Sheal
IDDM 20 years+, Minimed 508 pumper 6 months

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