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[IPk] news from Pat

Carmel asked (off list) how it's been going since I got the pump, since
I've been rather silent.

OK, I got the pump last Monday (when I had a bad cold, which I gave to
my diabetes pump nurse - poor Sheila!).

I took the rest of the week off work, and had fun with logbooks, and
things seemed to be developing nice, expected patterns.  On Thursday I
went off to Eastercon (British Science Fiction Association Annual Bash).
This may have been a bad idea!

First, there were the breakfasts.  Despite my best efforts, I never did
work out how to deal with full cooked breakfasts.  I _should_ have, I
suppose, stuck to the slice of toast and tinned tomatoes I was eating at
home ...

Thursday I tried the silhouette (oh, I'm never going to be able to spell
this, let me call it the slide-in one, and we'll all know what I'm
talking about).  In some ways better than the thwang-in one, but in one
some ways not: how in heaven's name do you get it off?  Also, I don't
like fiddling around that close to the insertion point to disconnect it.
May just be a 'with more confidence' thing.  I'll try again when I learn
how to remove the things!  I had to get my husband to get it off in the

Sunday was a bad, bad day.  It started with a bad insertion (I think I
somehow got the soft-set half-out of the inserter while pulling off its
little white tabs.  Anyway, it shot in and bounced out a bit.  So I had
to try again.  By which time, I'd missed breakfast.  By mid-morning, the
cold had developed into a respiratory infection, and I sound just like a
seal (hark! hark! hark!).  Lunch time, I discover I'm menstruating.  Eat
a beef baguette (hoping that today I've guessed correctly that the
things have 80g CHO in them).  Bg over 14 before lunch. By 3 it's over
16, and while this could be because the damn hotel keeps changing the
kinds of baguettes, I have moderate ketones, so decide to change the set
for the third time in the day.

Because I have an allergic reaction to the thwack-ins, and can't get rid
of the sticky marks of the slide-in (does it take alcohol?), my stomach
now looks like a globe in the days of the British Empire.

The day concluded with a visit to a very nice Indian restaurant in
Hinkley, and me deciding that the only thing which is going to do my
throat good is a lassi and half a bottle of wine.  I _know_ this wasn't
a sensible reaction to such a day!  

Today is much better! I am looking forwards to a week at work, eating
nice regular meals that I know what's in them, and a return to sorting
out the basals.  

Best wishes to all,

Pat Reynolds
email @ redacted
   "It might look a bit messy now, but just you come back in 500 years time" 
   (T. Pratchett)
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