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RE: [IPk] no delivery alarms

> I'm astonished!!! It is outrageous that your clinic have issued you with
> supposedly sterile  equipment, which appears to have already been opened.
> My guess is that the clinic have "played" with the equipment to find out
> how to use it, and to save money have simply put it back in the packaging.

It *may* just be that because it was so old, the packaging became loose.....
But even so, equipment that out of date is shocking.

> Oh, and while I'm having a rant, I also think it is shocking that your
> Sheffield clinic seized your private property (your old 506 pump) in return
> for lending you a new 508 pump. Did they also attempt seize your jewellery
> and watch as well?

They haven't got it yet <vbg>. I'm keeping it till they physically demand it,
and then I shall rant at them :-)
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