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RE: [IPk] no delivery alarms

> I forgot to mention too that a lot of the
>packages containing the reservoirs weren't completely sealed.
>The other box has an expiry date of 2002 so hopefully those will be OK.

Di -

I'm astonished!!! It is outrageous that your clinic have issued you with
supposedly sterile  equipment, which appears to have already been opened.
My guess is that the clinic have "played" with the equipment to find out
how to use it, and to save money have simply put it back in the packaging.

If you haven't already, I would strongly suggest that you don't just report
it to the nurse next time you are at the clinic, but actually make an
official compliant to the highest body at the clinic. That is the best way
to ensure that malpractice like this is discontinued immediately - and
potentially stop other less observant people from being infected by
non-sterile equipment.

Oh, and while I'm having a rant, I also think it is shocking that your
Sheffield clinic seized your private property (your old 506 pump) in return
for lending you a new 508 pump. Did they also attempt seize your jewellery
and watch as well?


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