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[IPk] Cold or Flu

Hello Everyone,

     I thought I'd let you know just how good the pumps are, every year I
normally get a serious cold or flu bout even with a flu jab, apparantly the
jabs makes it less servere and dosn't prevent it completly so I'm told and
also they have to know which strain of flu it is.
Anyway Saturday felt fine you know the type of day, Sunday well who the hell
beat me in the night i'll never know I really ached and the sweat was pouring
and because I do also have mild asthma amongst the other problems it was
     My water had a trace of keytones, as for me keytones give me better
warning than a normal bm test, I tested anyway and it was 13.1 which is not
what I would call extreamly high, not for me. So it was upto grans famous cold
cure, tea, 2 teaspoons of honey and a splash of lemon, which was soothing, and
set the pump 20% extra for 4 hours, I normally end up with an A&E visit
dehydrated, ketotic, and with either bronchitis or pneumonia, by Sunday night
I had still a trace of keytones but my bloods were 32.1 so adjusted the pump
to 60%+ over 4 hours and bolused 10 units, I know your all thinking its
grannys cold cure thats pushing up my levels but I did bolus 3 units to every
2 teaspoons of honey which I thought was adequate enough.
     By Monday morning my keytones were nil and bloods were 9.1 "BRILLIANT"
but by 7am I was constantly being sick etc, so I called the emergency doctor
for the first time ever normally its an ambulance, and for the first time ever
they actually came out without trying to diagnose on the phone. So with some
strong antibiotics and linctus I feel much better, I've lost half a stone in
weight not the greatest way to lose weight and I'm as ugly as ever! and if
that dosn't make you laugh what will?.
     I think, no I know the pump stopped me getting into a very bad way, the
suprising thing was my local GP who came out, he is diabetic, diet and
metformin tablets when I told him grannies remedy and the odd throat sweets,
and fruit  I had taken he said "but haven't they all got sugar in? and you
shouldn't have sugar, I don't".
There's not much I can say to that is there?

Best regards

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