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[IPk] pumping and a difference

daer all
sorry i haven't been about, my son connor age 8 went on the pump(disetronic 
h-tron) in january within a month there was difference. he was never stable 
majority he was high(20 - off the scale) and was causing concern, on 4 
injections maybe 6 where extra was given. Now we are lucky to be over 14, i 
know that is still high for the pump but connor is sensitve to insulin so 
they have to take it slow but his charts from the readings of his monitor 
are in target where that has never happened. We had 3 month free trial from 
disetronic and now it is up but thanks to friends and there fundraising we 
can go ahead and buy.Has anyone ideas of how to approach the health 
authority to fund the consumables.hope to hear from you soon
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