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[IPk] no delivery alarms

or perhaps that header should have been "no no delivery alarms".
It seems that my problem was indeed caused by dodgy reservoirs, as I've started
the new box and everything seems to be fine. Except I had increased my
overnight basal because I was getting high morning Bgs, and now that my pump is
delivering properly again, I didn't need the increased basal, so I woke up this
am with a BG of 3.2, corrected the hypo, had breakfast, only to find myslef at
2.1 as I was about to leave for work! Still, it gave me the chance to go back
to bed till I felt better (one of the joys of working in a university with
total flexi-time!).

I shall be takingthe box of old reservoirs back to the hospital and having
swords with them!  Swords? I meant words, but maybe swords is about right!
Especially after I spent several days with Bgs in the teens trying to fix the

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