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[IPk] no delivery alarms

Hi folks
Sinec I started on my Minimed 508 last week, I've been getting loads of no
delivery alarms. At the same time, I also started a new box of reservoirs. The
first one I used looked as if it had been used before - the markings were
wearig off and it didn't feel very "sticky" as they normally do.
I figured that was the reason initially. Since then I've tried several
reservoirs, and changed infusion set and line, all to no avail. The only thing
that works is to open up the pump, manually push the end of the reservoi in a
little bit, and reprime it. Changing infusion set works for a little while, but
after about a day (or sometimes only a few hours), I get the no delivery alarms

I also found that in the box of reservoirs, there were two which had blue
needles instead of the usual clear ones. Or at least, the bit that screws onto
the reservoir was blue. The strange thing about these was that they appeared
notto have a hole in the end of the needle - ie I couldn't get either air or
insulin into them.

It seems as if it's the reservoirs causing the problem - I don't think it's the
site as I still get no delivery alarms whether it's connected or not, and I
don't think it's the pump - I've done self tests and they all seem fine.

I have a second box of reservoirs so I'm going to try that one and see if it
seems any better.

Di(getting very fed up of the alarms and of changing reservoir so many times!)
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