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Re: [IPk] photographs (day one thoughts)

> Dear All,
> Well, I'm on a pump (on saline).  After so many years of fighting,
> to finally have one is a weird, weird feeling.  
> There was a call a while back for photographs of us - can whoever it
> was ask again, if they are still wanted? 

Photos are wanted to add to your profile in the MEMBERS ONLY section 
of the web site. If you browse through the profiles you will see some 
names with a * (asterisk) next to them. Those are the members who 
have sent me photos of themselves or their children with D. The 
photos are added to the profile so we can see our pen pals :-)

Send photos DIRECTLY to me by e-mail as an attachment in 
   gif, jpg, tiff, psd
format or by snail mail to:

Insulin Pumpers
4600 El Camino Real - Suite 206
Los Altos, CA 94022


NOW, while I have your attention, there are 3100+ of us in the forum 
now. About 500-600 of you have filled out the Insulin Pumpers 
Information Form. This is a useful statistical tool that gathers 
information about diabetes and pumping. ALL INDIVIDUAL information is 
completely confidential EXCEPT, with your permission ONLY, the data 
that is used to maintain the OVER 24,900 Club member information.

See OVER 24,900 Injections club on the MEMBERS ONLY page.

The rest of the information on the form is used to maintain the stuff 
you see on the ABOUT page of the web site. As I get time, I will 
continue to add to the display info as there is more in the 
statistics pages than I am currently able to display. BUT !!!  your 
data contribution is needed. 

For those of you who have a data record, remember to occasionally 
update your hbA1c information -- and check that the rest of the data 
is complete and up to date.

To update your data record or submit a new one, simply visit the 
MEMBERS ONLY page and click the Insulin Pumpers Information Form 
button. For assistance, contact HELP@insulin-pumpers.org


email @ redacted
for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
help SUPPORT Insulin Pumpers http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/donate.shtml