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Re: infusion sites was RE: [IPk] long flight

On Mon, 02 Apr 2001, you wrote:
> Hi Elizabeth,
> Have you tried the new QuickSet from MiniMed? At first sight it may be the
> answer to the problem of insertion as it uses an inserter.
> The set itself looks very good, like a Rapid but with a Telflon Cannula and
> the adhesive is the same as the Sil/Tender so it should stay in place!

I find the problem with an automatic inserter is that you can't tell until too
late if it's a bad site when you put it in. Normally you can feel when it's a
bad site if you're doing it manually, and pull it out and try again, but you
can't do that with an automatic one.

I also found that with the Sofsets, the force of insertion with the automatic
thing often caused the needle to bend as it was going in.  I guess eomthing
like a Rapid, that goes in vertically but which you can do manually, would be
the solution. But I just use my left hand for my right side, and that seems to
solve the problem for me.
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