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RE: infusion sites was RE: [IPk] long flight

Hi John -

I saw your mail on the QuickSet and I glanced at it quickly. Don't like
inserters, and I don't really like the 90 degree cannula either. I don't
have problems inserting per se; it just seems I'm more likely to hit dodgy
spots on my left hand side! Don't know why, but that's the way it is at the

I do actually use the one hand for insertions on both sides (I'm
right-handed, except when mousing). I've thought about trying to insert on
my left side with my left hand, but I haven't had the courage yet! Perhaps
if I ever get the courage it will help me out.

I don't like the inserter because I like to be able to change my mind about
a set placement. This happened to me this morning: I was inserting the set
in my right belly, and I saw the needle bend a bit. I pulled it out and
moved to a different site, because I thought if the needle was bending going
in, it was likely the cannula would be bent while infusing. And I didn't
want a repeat of yesterday!


>Have you tried the new QuickSet from MiniMed? At first sight it may be the
answer to the problem of insertion as it uses an inserter.

The set itself looks very good, like a Rapid but with a Telflon Cannula and
the adhesive is the same as the Sil/Tender so it should stay in place!
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