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RE: infusion sites was RE: [IPk] long flight

> Yes, I had remembered you saying that. That's why I didn't change it
> yesterday afternoon: I was hoping it would start behaving! There was no
> hope, however - when I removed it, the cannula was bent at the tip and a bit
> bloody inside. Perhaps I just need to use the other buttock! That's in all
> seriousness, because I get good sites in my right-handed love handles, but I
> have desperate trouble on my left-sided love handles.
> elizabeth

That's the problem - you can't tell if it's really a bad site or just
waiting to settle down.

 Do you put them in both sides with the same hand?
That might be because of the angle - if you're using the same hand to put them
in both sides, if you see what I mean. It's a little tricky at first to put a
set in with your non-dominant hand, though. You're left handed, aren't you? ni
which case, that makes sense, because putting a set in your left side with your
left hand means it's pointing towards you. At least, I get better sites pointing
away from the centre (ie I use my left hand for sites on the right hand side).

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