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Re: infusion sites was RE: [IPk] long flight

> speaking of infusing into your backside, I tried a site there for the first
> time yesterday. It was disastrous for me! My absorption was uneven all day,
> and particularly last night, when my blood sugar just collapsed on me. I
> finally stopped fooling myself that it would 'settle down' when I woke this
> morning with a BG of 16.8 (my previous test, at 2.50am, had been 3.2). When
> I took it out it was all bent and a bit bloody, and the site bled. 

Hi Elizabeth
I find the backside is very unpredictable. Sometimes I get great sites there,
sometimes they go horribly wrong. Usually what tends to happen is that it takes
aquite a few hours to "settle down", ie I get bad absorption for the first 12
hours or so, and then it's fine. It's also more sensitive to exercise (probably
because some of your largest muscles are in your backside, and because you use
those muscles when you walk etc., whereas you don't use your stomach muscles
much for walking!). I use those sites when i want to give my  stomach a rest,
and when I don't have anything important to do in the first few hoursthat
incolves having perfect Bgs (like dancing in a competition),  and can test a

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