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RE: [IPk] long flight

Hi Pauline
As far as security goes you shouldn't have any problem. 
Usually the pump won't activate the alarm. But you might want to have it in an
accessible place just in case you get frisked or it does set it off! And have
the disconnect in a suitable place (ever tried disconnecting a set in your
backside discreetly?)!

 Don't let your insulin go in the hold as it can freeze. I've heard reports
that the pressure in the hold can burst the seal on the packaging of infusion
sets etc, but I've never had any problem with that. If you're using a
Disetronic and have a spare pump, I wouldn't put that in the hold either (I'm
sure you wouldn't anyway!)

As far as time zones go, what works for me is to change the clock to the
new time zone when I arrive, reduce all my basals to the lowest common
denominator on arrival, and leave them like that for the first couple of days
till my body adapts to the new time zone. Then I put them back to their normal
setting (but in relation to the new time zone, if you see what I mean). It
sounds odd but it really works for me - your body gets very confused adapting
to completely new time zones and you can't generally predict what will happen
in terms of insulin needs until it settles down. But some people just change
the clock on departure or arrival and leave their basals as they are..... 

have a good trip!
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