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[IPk] 508 remote control

Hi Diana -

The remote control on the 508 looks very much like a car alarm/central
locking remote - in fact, they are so similar that I sometimes try to open
the car with the 508 remote or perhaps give myself a bolus with the car
remote... but rest assured, nothing happens in either case! :-)

I find the remote extremely handy.  It has only three buttons, no display of
any sort. You can use it for two things: audio bolusing and suspending the
pump. Bolusing with the pump hidden away somewhere is pretty neat, I use the
"vibrate" rather than "audio" alarm so only I and nobody else knows what I'm
doing. Not that I am too much concerned about pump visibility issues any
more but in some cases e.g. official meetings at work, conferences etc, etc,
I'm a bit weary of taking my trousers down in front of everyone to reach for
the pump .. :-). The remote is also very handy when the pump is in the
Sportguard, a little luxury I decided to afford for myself, which I find
irreplaceable when I'm out  on a boat or elsewhere   etc. Once the pump is
inside the guard, that's it, there's no way you can control it except using
the remote.

All in all a marvellous little piece. There's no risk of accidentally
bolusing the odd, other 508 user sitting next to you on the train either!
(it would never be J.N. anyway ... I hear he's one of those
fussing-and-fretting travellers, unlike myself, the stereotypical
read-and-yawn type ... :-). Each remote is electronically coded to work with
a particular pump so no danger there.



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