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[IPk] Talking of hypos

>Talking of hypos - I had perfect Bgs all day yesterday, got home from work
>to find it was 2.1 (agh) and wasn't even feeling hypo  (until a few mins.
>later when I *knew* i was defintiely very low) -  30 mins. later after a
>couple of spoons of sugar in 1/2 glass of milk it was 13! After 2 units of
>insulin it was still at 13.

I am still blaiming the change of season, but I travelled by train from
Salzburg to Hannover a couple of days ago for an evening performance. I ate
a decent lunch on the train, but snacked terribly all evening at Hannover.
After the show I felt really shitty, depressed and travel-weary (I'd been
on the road for 3 days). I cycled back to my hotel, and felt like I had a
massively high bg - complete with thirst. I checked it - 2.4. Ha! I usually
get symptoms at 3.9. There we are.

I also find getting off the train at the end of a long journey seems to
cause my bg to plunge. Anyone else find this? I'm usually quite active
during the journey - yes, I'm one of those irritating people that wander up
and down the train the whole time. It just seems that the nerves of arrival
causes something to happen. I now routinely take 4 glucose tablets on
arrival - a sort of pre-emptive strike.


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