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Re: [IPk] infusion set

On Fri, 28 Apr 2000, you wrote:
>Hi all -
>I've removed my first infusion set, and the hole sems to have closed up and 
>all, although I can sort of feel it.  Perhaps it's all in my head?

I've never seen a "hole" after taking out the set - sometimes there's a bit
of a bump or a red mark, but that goes after a day or so.

 >Everything is
still grand, except the dawn phenomenon got me this morning  >after my 45
minute walk.  I had halved my basal rate during the walk.  It  >worked fine
when I walked home last night, and I'll be lowering it for my  >walk
tonight, but Tuesday morning I'll be leaving it as is and seeing what 

That's interesting. Dawn p and exercise is a tricky combination.
Every so often I have to tweak my morning insulin/food combo to get the
walk to work right. Personally I find having breakfast before the
morning walk makes things easier (maybe because, like you, low insulin
level + dawn p + exercise = bg thru the roof),  though it's one more factor
to add into the equation.
I'm always interested to hear people's experiences on this one.
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