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Re: [IPk] cheesecake

>I'll start it off with my favourite anti-hypo recipe.  Two slices of 
>wholemeal bread vitalin spread, vegetarian cheese and a smigeon of honey.  
>Stick all the ingredients together and bingo back on planet earth for a while 

Does that really work for you, Al?
For me, that would (a) not be fast enough (b) be too much carb and (c) stay
in my system too long!
But if it works for you........................
Talking of hypos - I had perfect Bgs all day yesterday, got home from work
to find it was 2.1 (agh) and wasn't even feeling hypo  (until a few mins.
later when I *knew* i was defintiely very low) -  30 mins. later after a
couple of spoons of sugar in 1/2 glass of milk it was 13! After 2 units of
insulin it was still at 13. 
At least my body is obviously still responding to hypos!
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