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RE: [IPk] cheesecake

On Thu, 27 Apr 2000, you wrote:
>>P.S. On second thoughts, perhaps it's a good thing if it keeps me away from
>>cheesecake :-)
>Not at all!!! All it means is that next time you will know better how to
>bolus for it. You don't just carb count - you bolus a bit more later, and
>bit more even later.

Yeah, I could do it that way, but I still haven't got it right yet.
Call me strange, but I tend to keep away from food that has that effect  -
not because I can't deal with it, given time and practice, but because it
involves more insulin than I'd like and because it's difficult to get
right. I kind of get the feeling that foods like that are generally not very
healthy......I know that's odd, but there you go.

 >My diabetes nurse at my
clinic uses a pup herself - and we were discussing >carb counting. She told
me that although carb counting is the "orthodox" >way of assessing the
insulin required with food, in practice she just knows >from experience how
much insulin to take when. I was quite reassured to >here her say that! :-)

Glad I'm not the only one who does that :-)
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