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Re: [IPk] cheesecake

On Thu, 27 Apr 2000, you wrote:
>Come on don't be greedy.  I like cheesecake as well.  Share the recipe with 
>us all, then we can all be hyper at the same time.

I change it every time I make it, but the basic recipe is dead easy!
for the base - about 6oz. half-fat ginger biscuits (or similar - whatever
you like - works with oatcakes too), crushed and mixed with
about 2 oz. melted low-fat spread (select your favourite spread/butter/
whatever). press into a springform pan and put in fridge to cool.

Beat  cottage cheese, half-fat cream cheese, and plain yoghurt (I
suppose you could use fruit yogurt but I've never tried) together with your
favourite sweetener / sugar (since you're not going to cook it, you can use
thigns like Nutrasweet with no problem). Make sure there are no lumps. Blend
your favourite fruit into a puree and add to the mix. I used tinned
strawberries last time. Alternatively, you can make a coffee one by mixing
up about 2 tablespoons boiling water with a teaspoon of  instant coffee
(you might need more sugar if you do this). The quantities are up to you
depending on how much fat/what sort of taste you want, but you should end
up with a kind of thick paste consistency. Bung on top of the base and
shove in the fridge for a few hours to set.  That's it. Oh, stick some more
fruit on the top if you want. If it looks very runny, you can add a bit of
gelatine mixed with hot water into the mixture to make it set a little 

I also experimented with whisking 2 egg whites and adding them in, which
works well too (I like being inventive with my recipes).

So, I can't tell you offhand about quantitiesbecause it varies - I just
take note of what I'm using at the time and count the carbs/fat accordingly.
It's not nearly as  carb- and fatfull as a standard cheesecake, and
just as yummy.
 Have I made you all hungry yet? 

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