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Re: [IPk] Summertime!

Hi John
yes, my insulin requirements always seem to decrease in summer - 
I also tend to wake up much earlier. The weather here has been so weird -
one day it's springlike and the next it's arcticlike - so my overnight
control has been a little off and I can't quite get the basals right. Of
course, eating cheesecake at night doesn't help either <g>.
 In my case, I get bad
hayfever but I don't think it affects my control. And it hasn't hit me yet
this year.
 And yes, I get the "too asleep to deal with a mild hypo"  too :-)
So you're not alone in your weirdness (like you ever thught you were <g>).

>Has anyone else experienced a shift in insulin requirements recently? I
>seem to have gone into one of my seasonal spins. Last Friday night (21/22
>April) I woke mildly hypo several times but was too asleep to do anything
>about it (does that make sense to anyone?!! :-) Previously things had been
>fairly steady. So I cut my overnight basals slightly, and woke high for a
>few mornings, so I put them back up a bit, and woke low again. Sigh!!! I
>presume it will all settle down again soon.
>Is this caused by the change in weather perhaps? 21 April was the first day
>of summer weather here. Or is it caused by hay-fever-like things, which of
>course get worse when summer weather arrives.
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