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[IPk] cheesecake

i've come to the conclusion that cheesecake has the pizza effect on me :-)
I cannot seem to get my insulin right for it and always seem to end up high
both imediately after it and hours later, which is kind of unusual for me
(iut's usually one or the other). Even with a small piece. We're talking
about my own cheesecake, so I know exactly what goes into it and how much
carb a nd fat there is in it.
I guess it's the high fat  + carb combo. Although my cheesecake doesn't
have that much carb in (no sugar, and the biscuit base is very thin).
But I don't have the same problem with things like ice-cream. I
don't really eat normal cake so don't know how that affects me. 
 Anyone else found this with cheesecake?

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