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RE: [IPk] Re lumps and bumps

It wasn't addressed in the text from searches.
>   Might I pose a further query, if this DFBD does exist can it also
exist in men?
My reason for asking is that sometime last year a lump
in my left breast (if that is the correct word). Unfortunately due to
painful concerns at the time I have not had it investigated, despite 
enquiries (including the existence of breast cancer in men) while in 
hospital I was continually told to go to my GP. 

It is a shame that the hospital doctor/medical team could not have
investigated it themselves.
I would be inclined, to tell the doctor and get him/her to visit - or
the health visitor - how come you are left to recuperate unchecked of
your progress? Anyone with unusual lumps and bumps wherever they occur,
should get them checked out ASAP - regardless of your diabetes control.
I don't think by having diabetes you are immune to lumps and bumps.

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