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Re: [IPk] Re lumps and bumps

At 25-04-00 11:45 +0100, you wrote:
>Hi All ,
>  I've been to see a consultant about a lump in my breast today ( nothing 
> to worry about at the minute ).He told me that diabetics are prone to 
> breast lumps???? I've never heard of this anyone else got a clue what he' 
> s talking about? I intend asking him more when I see him on Thursday.Its 
> crazy the longer I'm a diabetic the more things I find we are "prone " to.

Having seen Juliette's conditions from her second email on this subject it 
would appear to require the individual to be female. Might I pose a further 
query, if this DFBD does exist can it also exist in men?
My reason for asking is that sometime last year a lump developed/appeared 
in my left breast (if that is the correct word). Unfortunately due to more 
painful concerns at the time I have not had it investigated, despite 
enquiries (including the existence of breast cancer in men) while in 
hospital I was continually told to go to my GP. Until fully mobile I do not 
wish to make extra journeys unless unavoidable, thus it may be a month or 
so before it gets investigated but the DFBD is most interesting.
It is also surprising that a hospital will not do a simple (?) 
investigation unless a referral for that has been made. It makes me wonder 
if somebody in hospital for migraine would be left to die if they had a 
heart attack while in there.
Best wishes,

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