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[IPk] I'm pumping!!!!!

Hi all -

We put insulin in my pump today, and so far, so good!  It was only as I left 
the hospital I had my first crisis of faith in my pump:  how could a little 
dribble of .5 units per hour accomplish the same as my injected pool of long 
acting insulin.  However, it must be working, because I had a hypo after 
lunch!  OOoooo!  My pump just clicked!

So I am happy, and feeling strange.  It's almost 3pm, which means I should 
be having my long acting insulin soon, and I'll probably have a little panic 
around 3.20, when I realise I haven't done so yet.  I'll also have a litle 
panic around 8.30 this evening, for the same reason.  It's so wonderful not 
to _have_ to have an injection.

I'm back to the clinic tomorrow to deal with a consultant.  My medical team 
knew I knew how to count carb, etc., but my consultant still labouriously 
produced a hand written sliding scale of how much insulin to take to lower 
my BGs.  I said to the nurse, 'is this for high blood sugars?  Oh, it's 1 
unit per every 2.8 mmol'.  Ah well, it gave him something to do and kept his 
maths skills sharp.  I get to meet the other consultant in the clinic when I 
go in tomorrow, which should be entertaining.  We'll be discussing the dawn 

elizabeth, feeling a bit peculiar
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