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Re: [IPk] London marathon / Tomorrow's World

On Tue, 25 Apr 2000, you wrote:
>Yep I agree this is scary! I think the idea is to stay within the ideal
>range. This should be acheivable by lowering the basal rate then topping up
>with juices, dextrose as needed surely? 

Hi Rachel
On a pump, yes, but don't forget these people weren't on pumps!
But I would have thought that insulin doses could have been lowered in a
way which would prevent this huge buildup first.

 Not to increase levels that
high to >start with - I am surprised they had the energy to start running!
>I am considering taking up windsurfing again, and to be honest the amount
>of energy you burn up you could probably take the pump off for an hour
>while surfing and still maintain good levels - I will let you know when I
>start again!

I used to do a lot of windsurfing, but I haven't done any post-pump either.
I would definitely agree with you though. An hour of windsurfing and you
should be fine with no pump. In any case, I personally definitely wouldn't
windsurf with the pump attached (even with a Sport Guard thing), though I
know some people do.
  I always used to go very low windsurfing, in spite of
lots of glucose first. You would probably want to suspend your insulin for
30 mins to an hour before you hit the water - that's what I do for swimming
(with Humalog) and it works very well. At the end you might need a small
bolus (since you will have had no insulin for the previous 90 odd mins.)
but that depends if you're likely to go low afterwards or not (I don't).
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