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Re: [IPk] London marathon / Tomorrow's World

On Mon, 24 Apr 2000, you wrote:
>We actually had 9 diabetic runners wearing sensors during the marathon and 3 control runners [ non - diabetic ]
>Most of the diabetic runners avoided hypos by starting the race very high [ around 20 mmol / l ] and then they steadily fell throughout the race , topping up with juices , dextrose as they ran .

Does anyone else find this as scary as I do?
I am quite surprised that they were able to start this high without going
higher instead of lower.
How much easier it all is with a pump!

We also monitored the recovery period post race and didn't have too many
hypos which was surprising , mainly due to the continued intake of juices
and glucose supplements throughout the evening post marathon . 

Were there any cases of big spikes afterwards?

.. > >The plan is to use this data and other sensor / exercise studies to
help generate some user friendly guidelines for exercise . > >Morag

Did the results differ a lot from person to person?
I would be quite surprised if they didn't.

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