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[IPk] RE: hypos/hypers and exercise

On Thu, 20 Apr 2000, you wrote:
>I didn't see it, but me mum did... she told me that the point where the
>recorded bg dropped off the bottom of the measurable scale just happened to
>coincide with the moment when he felt extraordinarily tired. Well I
>never!!! :o) I think Peter Standing needs his head read...

I was thinking it might have been "laid on a bit" for the viewers - not the
fat that he was really low, but the whole explanation of him feeling tired
and running out of steam. They laboured that point for ages, but unless he
really does need his head read, it must have been obvious to him.

>>personally I am surprised he made it through that hypo - jules > >Funny
things hypos, aren't they. Sometimes it can lay you flat on the floor >in
no time, and other times the body's own complex hormonal responses kick
>in, save the day, and leave you with a v. high bg later on! > >John >

Similar to your experience with your biggest high ever following a day of
walking, John, I found the same thing over Easter. I spent 3 days walking
in the Peak District, and every time finished with a very high BG (17
mmol/l, which took doube the amount of insulin to bring it down as it would
normally). The first 2 days I was hypo early on, so assumed it was just the
body's response. The 3rd dat was the most strenuous, but my Bg remained
between 5-8 all day (pretty good, huh?) until I got on the train to come
home and found it was 17, only half an hour after I had just tested at
7mmol/l. I had had very little insulin all day though - half my usual basal
rate and only 0.5 unitswith lunch, so I am wondering if this might have
been the problem (even though my BG all day was perfect). Maybe it's better
to have more insulin and eat more carbs?

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