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Re: [IPk] Re: insulin-carb ratios

At 20-04-00 15:50 +0100, you wrote:
>Hi Jeremy
>No, you got the wrong end of the stick.
>I just meant that you were lucky about having the pump thing done in
>hospital to test your basal rates, not the operation where you had the drip!
>Since my experience of doctors, sliding scales and drips is not so good
>asyours was, I said you were lucky.

Apologies Di,
But it took twelve years to get lucky, I had been using a pump from 1981 
and this test was done in 1993/4. It was also not done to find out what my 
basal rate should be but simply because the doctor was interested to find 
out different people's insulin reactions. I was involved with another 
research project that he was doing (into diabetes & cholesterol) and he 
took the opportunity to try something else out on me. The result re my 
basal rate involved no change at all, it was very difficult to change basal 
rates with those pumps and needed a good mathematical mind (there was of 
course only one basal rate for the whole day). The basal rates in the early 
eighties were worked out by staying in hospital for 3-4 days while the 
medical team raised or lowered the rate until they believed they had what 
would be suitable, I think they accounted for the fact that life while in 
hospital was not as active as it might be.  But I enjoyed the experience 
because the result was such a surprise for the medical team that I think 
they listed me as not normal, although I think they had thought that for 
some time.
Anyway best wishes,

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